X Anonymous Thu 2021-09-23 2:12pm No.18
It literally just fell 10% after the court ruling on App Store payments and you missed that?

Apple is not a shitcoin, its not going to dip 80% so you can buy in for free
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-09-22 6:23pm No.17
I am BEGGING apple to fuck something up so I can buy.
   X Anonymous Tue 2021-09-21 4:51pm No.16
the national lottery have got too much of my money
   X BT Sat 2021-08-07 5:08pm No.15
>>14 Why didn't I think of that
   X Anonymous Sat 2021-08-07 4:04pm No.14
BT you should spend your financial gains on the slot machines. Guaranteed succees
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 1:06pm No.13
the sex market is going to explode when they make vaccines for STDs
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 8:37am No.12
leeds united shitcoin is the real bitcoin ??
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 4:23pm No.11
>>10 just keep buying value and play the long game WAGMI

build wealth slowly
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 4:21pm No.10
my stocks arent going up or down very boring
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 4:19pm No.9
I hope they have a awful season
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 4:15pm No.8
>>7 think the bhoys will have a good season?
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 4:04pm No.7
got a garage full of copper cable
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 2:52pm No.6
   X The Bilderberg Group Wed 2021-08-04 10:03am No.5
invest in copper wire NOW
   X Pepe Wed 2021-08-04 9:19am No.4
I am financially ruined.
   X Rich Mann Tue 2021-08-03 10:33pm No.3
I am exceptionally wealthy and powerful
   X Anonymous ## Admin Tue 2021-08-03 7:38pm No.2
New board created.
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