X Anonymous Tue 2021-09-14 7:52am No.29
Mind the gap Scoring Trousers.
   X Anonymous Sun 2021-09-05 9:44am No.28
saka let the country down
   X Anonymous Fri 2021-08-13 7:48pm No.27
just used my wildcard
   X Anonymous Fri 2021-08-13 7:19pm No.26
   X Anonymous Fri 2021-08-13 6:30pm No.25
Absolutely despicable that. 5 minutes to go I notice they've put a yellow icon on kane and he's had a knock.
had to change the entire team.
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-12 9:14pm No.24
FPL Preview
   X Anonymous Fri 2021-08-06 5:26pm No.23
four nubian queens bringing home a medal for us in the relay
   X Anonymous Fri 2021-08-06 4:27pm No.22
Can confirm that AFC Solihull Pozzers are striving for the title this year with a solid performance to take them to winning not only the league but the Barry Chuckle Cup and the S-CLUB 7 Memorial Shield micro tournament between the Pozzers and the Trousers.
   X Anonymous Fri 2021-08-06 1:27pm No.21
STFC chairman Vince McMahon is pleased to announce that Scoring Trousers will be aiming for a solid mid table performance this season. "Those europa league spots are our primary ambition" Vince said in an email.
   X Anonymous Fri 2021-08-06 12:23am No.20
true except she could barely land a kickflip
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 10:13pm No.19
Messi to sign for the Solihull Moor-ish Pozzers.
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 7:42pm No.18
fiver on messi to sign a new contract at Barca

they did this last year
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 7:36pm No.17
Man City vs Barcelona UCL final 2022
messi ghost class, Aguero 90th minute screamer
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 7:36pm No.16
Messi coming to the championship to play for Wayne Rooney on 2 grand a week
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 7:01pm No.15
ahahahha you bankrupt catalan dogs
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 7:00pm No.14
pessi stat padding in the EPL farmers league you hate to see it
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 3:52pm No.13
Women's skateboarding is shit-tier anyway. The 13 y/o girl (who came 3rd) won X-Games 2020 women category too lmaoooo
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 2:22pm No.12
been thinking about this. its either because the state of the sport is fucking dreadful, or being a small child gives you an advantage.
From the prevalence of skateboarding, i don't think its the former.
What's the most significant difference between adults and children? Height and weight. Shorter = lower center of gravity. Lighter = easier to balance, less momentum behind your body, more maneuverability.
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 12:34pm No.11
some 13 year old won bronze in skateboarding, how the fuck can a grown adult lose to a child on a national stage. I would kill myself
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 12:08pm No.10
There's a hugely rated kid at Crawley Town. Think he's called Mike ocks-mells would be well worth a look at
   X Anonymous Thu 2021-08-05 11:59am No.9
Hoping for a real crowd pleaser on deadline day for arsenal. ngubongo longo from France scored some cracking penalties in the French second division last season. one of Europes hottest up and coming talents. 36 years old. what do you mean you've never heard of him? this kid's got potential.
   X BT Wed 2021-08-04 2:07pm No.8
Grealish bench class all season
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 12:44pm No.7
super super jack, super super jack, super super jack, super jacky grealish
   X Anonymous Wed 2021-08-04 10:59am No.6
   X Anonymous Tue 2021-08-03 10:35pm No.5
i've become an expert on gymnastics over the past week: specifically, female gymnastics.
   X Anonymous Tue 2021-08-03 10:08pm No.4
>>3 thank you fren
   X Anonymous Tue 2021-08-03 10:05pm No.3
lolled at the irish runner today being black, will update the board based on tommorows events
   X Anonymous ## Admin Tue 2021-08-03 7:38pm No.2
New board created.
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